Wall Street crashes

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Take care about the raging headache and the stiff neck

Everyone lightly : in being , saying that “Headache” and “Stiff neck” though the cause of headache and the stiff neck is various. Let’s thoroughly inspect it once because there is fear of “Tumor of the brain”, too, when the raging headache that will increase in about especially one month rat-tat painfulness, and feels nausea occurs. Progress tends to deteriorate … Continua a leggere

Let’s switch to a positive habit of saying

In work, the body is tired from housework when chased every day. Then, are not you inadvertently , saying that “Became tired” after it moved busily if it put it out to the mouth?Then, the one to back up tiredness. The dopamine of the neurotransmitter secretes only by replacing “Became tired” with “Often did” and word “Worked hard”, and the … Continua a leggere

Let’s have warm soup taken in meal

“Temperature” goes up, and the immunity improves, too, if warm food is basically taken. It catches a cold, and when eating, the person who upsets one’s health easily eats the warm one as much as possible. Especially, “Soup” is recommended. In addition, the immunity rises if “Ingredient that warms the body” such as ginger, Welsh onions, and leeks is put. … Continua a leggere

Se si prende un dolce fagioli rossi di mangiare durante il ciclo mestruale

Tradizionalmente, vi è una leggenda in grado di migliorare la produzione di torta di fagioli e mangiare latte dopo il parto. In alcune zone, potrebbe avere torta di fagioli di riso, o anche i fagioli rossi. La leggenda come diventa qualcosa di dolce da mangiare durante il ciclo mestruale, si dice che mangiare cose come pasta di fagioli rossi e … Continua a leggere

Let’s know the compatibility of the spring onion and honey to be bad

It is said that the spring onion suppresses swelling the inflammation to the Oriental medicine, and erases the poison. As for the volatile oil of the spring onion, perspiration and the antipyretic effect are proven, and various working like the diuretic property and the improvement in one’s appetite, etc. is expected. However, the spring onion is assumed to become feeling … Continua a leggere

Take care about the usage of the constipation medicine

Many of constipation medicines (purgative) press defecation by stimulating the intestinal tract. Intestines come not to feel the defecation desire easily because it becomes accustomed to stimulation, and for service or more not to go out easily if this stimulation is repeated many times. Therefore, the constipation medicine is taken every day. It becomes life that relies on the medicine. … Continua a leggere